We built that

The following images, from recent commissions, illustrate the fine design and craftsmanship that are the hallmark of our work.

Click on an image to follow the story behind the build.

  • TinySemi1 TinySemi1
  • TinySemi2 TinySemi2
  • TinySemi3 TinySemi3
  • TinySemi4 TinySemi4
  • TinySemi5 TinySemi5
  • TinySemi6 TinySemi6

Tiny semi’ to large family home

  • ModestFront ModestFront
  • Modest1_1 Modest1_1
  • Modest1_2 Modest1_2
  • Modest1_3 Modest1_3
  • Modest1_4 Modest1_4
  • Modest2_1 Modest2_1
  • Modest2_2 Modest2_2

Modest extensions

  • Limestone1 Limestone1
  • Limestone2 Limestone2
  • Limestone3 Limestone3
  • Limestone4 Limestone4
  • Limestone5 Limestone5

Limestone cottage to elegant residence

  • Other1 Other1
  • Other2 Other2
  • Other3 Other3
  • Other4 Other4

 Unusual and other constructions